302 Eye Gel

302 Eye Gel

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Are you looking for a gel that's powerful enough to rejuvenate the look of your eyes? This fantastic gel is formulated with ingredients that eliminate rough textured skin. The outcome is a smooth and elastic eye skin. 302 skincare Eye gel contains healthy proteins derived fromd flora and marine fauna. What makes this gel effective is that it's formulated in a way that makes it penetrates through the skin quickly.

What's more? The gel does not only improves your looks but it also improves your health by stimulating cellular circulation  and cell renewal. Green tea extracts in this gel lowers the risk of developing skin inflammations and prevents the breakdown of collagen fibers. The product is safe as it doesn't have harmful ingredients. So if you're looking for a gel that transforms the look and feel of your eye, 302 Skincare Eye Gel will put a smile on your face.

Recommended skin type:

 302 Skincare  Eye Gel is a perfect product for all types of skins.


  • makes the skin smooth and elastic
  • eliminates wrinkles and fine lines
  • Has a lightweight texture
  • improves health by stimulating cellular circulation
  • prevents all skin inflammations 
  • It easily penetrates through the skin leaving the skin moisterized 

Directions for Use:

Cleanse your skin to get ride of dirt and germs first so that 302 skincare Eye Gel to penetrate through the desired  area.Take the Eye Gel and apply thoroughly around the eye. Leave it to dry and penetrate the skin before applying another layer. You can apply it upto three times to attain desired flawlessness. Once you apply it, you can follow it with your normal skin care routine.